About Planespotting.photos

This is a web site run by Erik H. Bakke, primarily to publish some of my aircraft photos.
I'm living in Sydney, Australia, so most of the photos here will be from there, but I try to go spotting any time I travel somewhere, so there will be photos from elsewhere as well.

I only show ads on this web site to help cover some of the hosting costs. I know ads can be annoying, but I would hope you can whitelist this site. I fully understand if you don't, though...

This is still a very new page and is under active development. From time to time there may be features or functions which do not work properly, but that will be worked on and any problems are likely to be corrected quickly.

There will be a feedback and contact page here as well, eventually, but my main focus for now is to get the photo publishing related functions to work well and fast.